Friday, October 1, 2010

I Got The Call...

Got a call from some old dude with a deep voice telling me he needed my 2 peagles for a boat trip he was planning - hahahaha  We've been having that end of world kind rain over the last few days and the driving hasn't been too much fun on the way into work.  but it's supposed to be over now.  That's what the weather man Say's.  In my next life I wan to come back as a TV weather lady.  I can have a great wardrobe get paid a lot of money and I can be wrong all of the time and no one would even care.  Stanney was up most of the night with a hot spot on his back by his tail and it was as humid as hell last night so it was worse so I have been up since 3:15 AM and was out walking the puppies at 3:45.  thank the lord it wasn't raining then, was nice and windy  and quiet.  Long beach is so peaceful at that hour during the off season.  During the summer you get to see the drunks coming home from the clubs on the bay. They are funny to watch.  sometimes they fall down and their friends pick them up.  Al found one on somebody lawn once.  So tonight Stanley gets his walk then he gets a bath with the momma to clean his hot spot - this will be interesting he's never been in the bath before. then I will spray him with the hot spot spay . gym was great this morning, 2 miles and spin class, tomorrow spin, total body & cardio kick. then Irish day and BBQ with our neighbors.  Sunday is off day from gym & life.  Puppies have the groomer coming. Stanney will have a medicated bath for his skin.  today starts breast cancer awareness month.  I f you haven't had the girls squished yet this year make sure you do it.  It could save your life.   i didn't request the cupcakes for tomorrow night, so I have no idea of what she's bringing for dessert tomorrow night, maybe I'll ask when we work out tomorrow in the morning.  oh crap it's misting again, yuck. have a great weekend everyone, be good and if you can't be good blame it on someone else always works. actually I have to decide to zepole or not to zepole......


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  1. My mother is a breast Cancer survivor and so I did go and have the girl's smooshed a month or so ago. Hope you can get the hot spot gone on Stanley.