Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weigh in day!!!!

First of all I was soooo not into running this morning.  It's raining and yucky and I actually thought of not going to the gym and climbing back into the nice cozy warm bed with the puppies. Then I remembered it's weigh in day so off I went.  Dropped hubby at the train and got to the gym. started my usual Thursday 6 mile run.  I was sooo not into it, the TVs kept going out do to the weather so there was nothing to watch sometimes while I was running.  I run with my Ipod going but i keep the TV on so I something to amuse myself. so I hoped off at 3 miles then got on the elliptical for the next 3 miles.  then went upstairs did my Thursday kettle Bell work out - have you ever tried them???  nothing like swinging weights around oh so freeing- tee hee. then I weighed in.  I lost a pound and half.  I was 132.5 I am now 131.  Yeah me.  Next week on Thursday instead of my usual run, I am going to do intervals and see how I like that.  tomorrow 2 mile run and spin class.  Do any of you get the Hungry Girl emails?  I love that chick she's great.  If you don't know who she is she is a lady who is constaly on a diet and has great tips etc.  You can find out about new diet food etc.  if you google her you can find her and subscribe to her daily emails.  I'm looking forward to the weekend.  Patty Tony & sophie comming over saturday night for a BBQ.  Patty has just lost 75 pounds.  She works out 6 days a week and makes the best cupcakes I have ever ate. I think I may request them.  She makes fresh butter cream icing, ohhhhh  .................  ok i'm back.  I think I need a cigarette  hahahaha any hooooooo .....  soposed to rain like crazy here all day and thru most of tomarrow and up to 40 mile per hour winds so i looking forward to an evening of the pee pee feet game.  I think I will go and get them a couple of hoofs to entertain them tonight while we are watching Bones. Happy Thursday everyone.  Stay Happy !!!



  1. I love your vivacious attitude and spirit, Sue. It's very refreshing. :)

  2. Good job on the loss as well as fighting the temptation of the warm bed!

  3. Great job on the weight loss! I wish I had your energy!

  4. Love Hungry Girl's tips-found out about Miracle Noodles on there...they're not real pasta, but decent enough!

    FANTASTIC job on the weight loss!

    Polar's Mom

  5. Look how pretty Mrs. Klein is !!!

  6. I have one of hungry girls cookbooks but didn't know she had daily emails will have to go sign up. Sorry I'm behind on my reading I need to add you to my blog list. Way to go on the nice lose and all the hard work. I've never tried kettleballs they don't have them at my gym.