Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thank God I'm Not wearing stripped Socks .....

We have a tornado watch here in effect until 6PM, and since they tend to drop houses on witches that wear stripped socks I am glad I am not wearing mine - LOL.  took Ed's class this morning and it was great as always.  He's changing it up again and we are all taking heaver weights to make the reps tougher.  The way I look at it, I will be rocking that french maid costume on Halloween. Al needed the car yesterday afternoon so I came home with the guys I work with, needless to say Bud was on the ride home too, so the diet went out the window again, but this time not so bad.  There is still some food left in the house.  But weigh in on Thursday.  Getting very windy here ( insert spooky sound)   It was funny this morning, one of the girls in the class was complaining she has no more shelf in the back. She said she is Latin and she is supposed to have a shelf, we all thought it was funny.  I just think it's a laugh riot that I have been working for years to get rid of the butt and the thighs my Norwegian grand father gave to me and now they are back in style.  Who would have ever thought that???  God Bless the RAP generation.  tomorrow 2 mile run ( as long as I set up my bike and don't gossip) and Fred's kick ass spin class - oh wait it's a saddle ride, my butt cheeks will be sore from today so that will be oh so much joy and bliss.  Any hooooo!!!!  thank you ladies so much for the kind comments you are all soo cool.  I'm still trying to figure this whole blog thing out.  oh here comes the rain - again. the flowers and the plants are happy the puppies not so much, they were playing the pee pee feet game again last night and even left a deuce on the floor in my bed room for someone to step in, good thing a scan the floors when I know they are in that mood.  Al not so much - its a man thing so I was happy i got it, because he would have been to happy stepping in that at 4:15 in the morning.  me I would have been laughing my ass off, him not so much.  this weekend Irish day, lots of fun.  It's a whole day made up by our town just for drinking and eating oh and a reason to have a parade.  I just realized I already menetioned this - i am old please forgive me.  Glee tonight - woo hooo stay sane everyone. 



  1. Find the windowless interior room!!! Tornados terrify me.

    As far as the booty issues, one woman's trash is another's treasure, right? ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  2. What is irish day? Half Irish (other half Scandinavian), and I have no idea...

    Tornado warnings this late in the year!