Monday, September 27, 2010

I forgot....

I forgot to let you guys know I weighed in on Saturday morning at the gym.  From Buds 3 week visit I gained a half a pound.  But it will be gone by Thursdays weigh in ( hopefully). Stan the man is feeling better today, back to his usual non puking self  and chasing Lola around the house like always.  they are hanging out with my cleaning lady this morning as it is Monday and Margarita comes at 10, then dog walker at 12:30.  They are just so busy those 3 - LOL.  Today 2 .50 miles running and .50 speed walk.  then spin.  We are still doing endurance rides for another week so its about 35 minutes in the saddle.  can get a little boring but we are traing for race day,  it is helping my running, which i was really not into today thus leading to the half mile speed walk.  I did my usual 2 miles in 20 min then I backed the speed down, there was still 15 min before spin class so I decided to run the last half mile because I didn't feel like doing the stair climber or the elliptical.  a good tune on the ipod and I was happy and banged out the half mile. Tomorrow Ed's kick ass class and sign up for the Wednesday 6AM spin class with Fred.  Hopefully the rain will stop, the puppies like to go out at night  for their walks and if they can't go because of rain, they are not happy.  They like walking in the rain, I don't really care either way, but the hubby would much rather I don't take them out in the rain, and since he goes with me now on the night time walk I say OK.  but they usually ware me down and i end up giving in and taking them.  time to push so papers round the desk.  Have wonderful day everyone. good TV tonight hopefully I'll actually stay awake



  1. Only 1/2 lb? Wow, congrats!

    My little dog doesn't go out in the rain. He has long hair and it's just wrong. But my black lab loves it, of course.

  2. Glad Stanley is feeling better. Way to go on only half a lb and all that exercise.

  3. A 6am exercise Sounds great to me, except when I would actually have to roll out of bed at that time. Yikers.

    Polar's Mom

  4. Half a lb is nothing you said, it'll be gone in no time. Still amazed at ALL that exercise! I love your discipline. :)