Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm the momma....

Did you ever notice that sunday morning before 12 noon is sooo relaxed?? then when you hit 3 pm you start realizing there is  sooo much stuff you need to do for monday and that you actually have to do it??  actully aside from stanny being sick all day - good thing i bought a large thing of Tide at BJ"s yesterday . sunday is my day off from life so iwatched Wall Street and spent a nice fun reralxing day with the hubby & puppies.  tomarrow a 2 mile run and a spin  class. i love weekends!!!! woooo hooooooo !!!! this weekend irish day (town day for Jagger bombs) and home comming in Roslyn (go Bulldogs) . have a wonderful sunday night .


  1. Can't wait to see this new hair colour!
    Sounds like it was a nice day.