Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ahhhh Sunday ......

Irish day was a lot of fun.  picked up the new polar bear sweat shirts and a great new swing coat. animal print $25.00 and gently used and it was for a good cause.  before that hit the gym before that and pulled the trifecta woo hoo am i feeling great!!!! got on the scale too, down now to 130 but not fully reporting in weight until Thursday's weigh in.  after Irish day we went to Billy's and i had the besssttttt nacho's.  chili cheese jalapeno goodness.  i hadn't eaten since dinner the night before and worked out like a fiend so i was starving.  i only ate about half, so it wasn't that bad.  then had a wonderful evening with our neighbors, BBQ burgers dogs and the trimmings all the way down to the corn on the cob, lots of wine too.  great time had by all.  today a great day of doinnnggg nothing and watching a Nanny marathon.  hope everyone is enjoying themselves. be well and safe



  1. I saw those nachos lol. Glad the bbq was nice.

  2. Just stopping by from the DDDChallenge. You look great! Sounds like you exercise to beat the band, girl.