Friday, September 17, 2010

Who's Got The Pee Pee Feet? ??????

Oh yes I was an extra in Up In Smoke again, as it was pouring again last night and we ordered in.  I am not going to recount the carnage that followed but lets just say if I fall into a puddle I will float like a cheerio and not the type that's on Glee. But got my ass up this morning and went to the gym. Did my 2 mile run then took a 45 spin class, that woke my ass up.  It was not raining when we got up at 4:15 but every thing was soaked so I wasn't taking Lola & Stanny out.  They weren't happy but then again they weren't happy from last night.  When the goof troop isn't happy they decide to F*&K with mommy.  They miss the wee wee pads and then they decide to poop right in front of Al's toilet ( yes we have his an hers bathrooms - and I love it).  So needless to say, I spent the night mopping floors and picking up poop.  Now the funny part is we have wood floors so they leave foot prints as they walk away from their little fun game so I always know by the size of the Pee Pee feet who did it.  it's a game i play with them as I walk around the house going "who's got the pee pee feet"  yes I know I need a life.  Makes me not want to scream at them and you see their little faces and the ears go  down in shame.  they are soo cute.  I have decided today that the most beautiful words in the English language besides "Washable Cashmere" - (yes there really is such a thing,) are "the flat road is coming up" we did an endurance ride this morning , all hill's and sprints on hills, I was loving that flat road, my left leg is alittle sore from the fall.  but I have  to suck it up, shack it off and go on!!!!  tomorrow is trifecta morning , I can't wait!!!!   11Am spin on Sunday doesn't start until next Sunday, so since I don't know what time I going to get to bed Saturday night I will figure out my work out for Sunday from there.  I didn't set up my new heart monitor last night as I forgot, But will do it tonight.  It's Polar but I am not sure which model.  They have the bra that you can just put the monitor in and it will read and work from there.  I have to get a few  of the bra's. my strap always chafes the shit out of me and that nasty surprise when you get in the shower really sucks Nothing else really going on, letting everyone live another day - so that's a good thing, but then again it is early.  Hopefully the rain is done and we can stop playing the Pee Pee feet game.



  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the pee pee feet. But I only have one dog who pees on the pads (or near them), so I know it's him. But, hey, he gets the credit if it's anywhere near the pad. At least he didn't do it on the rugs or the bed!

    Your spinning rocks!

  2. Sorry you're still hurting from your fall. Way to go on the exercise though. Darn pee pee puppies lol. Can't help but to laugh about them pooping in front of Allan's throne, wonder what they are trying to tell him? We are down to one cat so we always know the guilty party now *smile*.

  3. When Pauli, my angel lab mix, was young, she was a hellion-but sneaky as shit. A screaming, destructive, pooping hellion. One day I came home and the linoleum was DESTROYED-tiles ripped up and shredded everywhere. I immediately called all the dogs to the carpet, to determine the carpet, While they all looked super guilty, only Pauli was the culprit. How did I know? Spackled pieces of linoleum tile stuck to her cheeks, paws, and chin. Caught. I don't think I could punish her-she looked so pathetic and sorry. They are so good at getting out of jams!

    Polar's Mom