Thursday, September 16, 2010

SHIT Day (So Happy Its Thursday).......

Well did the weigh in this morning at the gym.  We are starting at 132 people.  I want to go down to 125 - That's easy you say... NOT.... it's the slowest moving 7 pounds in history.  Did you know that when you fall down it actually hurts?  I tripped over part of the street last night while I had the dogs out  (it was 3 inches higher than the rest of the street) was amazed I was OK last night , my husband said it was because I have padding but this morning ouch!!!! I can't turn my neck to left - makes driving fun, I have a small bruise and a swollen left outer thigh and the arm is a little sore other than that I am OK.  The neck sucks.  Puppies are OK, they were surprised I was on the ground.  But I ran 6 miles this morning and did my kettle bell work out.  I like those things.  Nothing like swinging weight's around woo hooooo.  Not wishing the toilet is six inched higher today, legs are better.  tomorrow AM 2 mile run than 45 min spin class.  Saturday is the best.  My favorite trainer is teaching  3 classes in a row Saturday am.  So I get there at 7AM, we spin for 45 minutes then go into a 55 minute total body class (weight work out from head to toe) then in a 55 min cardio kick boxing class.  I wore my heart monitor one time thru the whole thing and give and take a few craps outs on it, it said I burned 1296 calories so I am figuring after the burn etc I was at about 1500 just from those 3 hours.  We have the same group that takes all the classes.  We call ourselves the Coven.  We've been together for about 5 or so years on Saturday.  wouldn't be a Saturday without telling  my friend Nana she has a nice ass ( she is usually in front of me and she has to bend over for the warm up,it's our little tradition) and I found out that they just added a 11AM spin on Sunday morning  - cha ching,  I can't weight.  This way I can still sleep in , well if you can call it that.  Sleeping in at our house means you get up at 6:30 instead of 4:15.  puppies don't like to sleep late. I can do my stuff at house food shop and still make the class.  Hubby said now he is going to be going to gym at 12 on Sundays for a few hours , so this will work fine.  I can spin from 11 - 11:45 then run for half hour steam shower and then walk home and hang with the puppies until he gets back. Going to set up the new heart monitor tonight being I have the correct weight.   Looking forward to a great weekend, supposed to be nice this weekend.  after all the stuff is set up for Saturday night going to work on my tan, may even do that on Sunday too.  I just wanted to warn every one now, Saturday night my eating will be in the dumper.  I live by the rule that calories consumed on a religious holiday do not count, so there. Plus I will be fasting from  Friday night until  Saturday night so I think I will be OK.  Al's making some tasty stuff and I have requested noodle pudding.  Time to push so papers around.  Feel good everyone  and remember to keep on smiling, makes people wonder what your up too.



  1. Isn't it the truth that smiling makes people think your up to something lol. Sounds like all that exercise will counteract any damage on Saturday. I've never had noodle pudding but one time actually printed out a recipe for it.

  2. Im sorry about your fall! That sucks. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Hope you take some pics!

  3. Oh, to be 125 again! It may be my final goal, but it's too early to set it now. But you should get there quickly with all that work at the gym.

  4. I'm so sorry you fell-but your dogs sounded they could have called 911 for you, whereas my demon spawn would have run straight for the nearest busy road.

    So what kind of heart monitor you using?

    Polar's Mom

  5. Have a great party on Saturday! I hope you enjoy yourself thoroughly!!!