Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cheech & Chong Were in Long Beach Last Night!!!!

Yes we had another one of those herbal remedy evenings at our house, and of course I ate most if not all of my dinner (fettuccine with bolagonse sauce) bread & butter, a skinny cow ice cream cup, 5 cookies from my neighbor who is one of the best bakers I know and loves to give me cookies (we work out together so she knows how hard I work out) a bowl of whole grain cheerios with a handful of blue berries  topped with almond milk and just for shits and giggles a 90 calorie fiber one bar.  there is no way that I can be an extra in a cheech and chong movie and not glue the entire contents of Costco onto my hips.  I requested that they not visit our home, but someone used that request as mental floss and decided that since we have a party coming up this weekend at our home we need it.  Oh well, I am going to have to be strong, and just say no ....  (stop laughing AL).  Any hooooo... I got up hit the gym this morning 1 3/4 miles in 17 min then a spin class - usually do 2 miles before, but got gabbing in the spin room while setting up my bike so it cut my time down.  Class was all about being aerobic not anaerobic and we started our 12 week traing course for race day.  light Resistance and a strong tempo keeping the heart rate at 75% to burn fat & calories.  it worked I squished 554 calories. did ya ever have one of those day's where your wishing the toilet was 6 inches higher? Well i am having one of those day's today.  My legs hurt from yesterday and squatting to go hurts , but this too shall pass.  Was funny today in spin, when we went to stretch after the ride, all of us who took Ed's class yesterday we all going owwww  shitttt this hurts and then we laughed.  knowing we will all be there next week to get beat on again. thank you honey for taking care of that. Deciding now if I want to go darker on my hair color almost time for that fall touch up.     4 weeks until I go see the Dr's at Sloan for my 9 year check up.  They watch my weight like hawks and this time I am going to be lighter when I go.  weighing in tomorrow after my run and my kettle bell.  Thanks everyone for the food journal thoughts and input, I recorded all the carnage from last night felt some shame and moved on to today, someone asked if I have always been this into exercise and stuff.  The answer is no.  I received my gym membership from Al right after I finished my Rads.  I was one of the lucky ones, I never got sick form the Chemo  ( i did 6 months worth of chemo and 6 weeks worth or Rads) I had an outer body experience from one infusion, but I gained 28 pounds from the steroid eating.  since then I haven't looked back.  I have my time where I get sick of working  out plus dieting and need a break and take time off, that usually lands up being a month or 2 during the winter and that's when I pack on the pounds.  I am trying to avoid that this winter.  so I have started taking Sunday's off.  But I miss my Sunday run and spin so I have to figure out an even keel to get to.  I was reading different blogs and everyone talks about plans etc.  I think you need to find what works best for you and stay with it, tweak it when needed and go on.  To me dieting is all mental - as you can tell in our house.  you have to want to do it for it to work.  Will it be perfect NO, but that's part of being human.  Life is a journey and shit happens so... stay strong kids, you can do it we can do it, just in our own way.  the only person who can defeat you is you. ( i have to stop reading all of these fitness magazines)


  1. You're absolutely correct in saying that the only one who can defeat you. Sounds like you're getting in some awesome workouts!! About the food log...I grab a scrap of paper each morning and write down all of my calories as I go throughout the max is 1800 right now. When I use up the 1800, I throw the paper in the trash, and don't eat anymore that night...start with a new scrap of paper in the morning. :)

  2. Great job getting suck ass-kicking workouts in! Can you give the herbage away to another deserving individual just so you can get it out of your house? You know, pass the love along?

  3. Pay it forward ? Too funny... Next time in the Apple, we are prepared...

  4. I'm typically blond most of the year then go dark for the winter-for two reasons.
    1. In the winter I am not very tan, and the blond hair washes me out
    2. It gives my hair a break and really restores some shine and thickness

    As for your 'splurge' last night, I believe Allan actually said you ate a loaf of bread. Girl what were you thinking? It'll take two spinning classes to burn those calories off!

    Not that I am not totally jealous.

    And yes, I often wish for the lower toilet-those days I usually brace on the stall walls or hand on sink and tub. Just another example of how women got the short end of the stick-literally.

    Polar's Mom

  5. Chong: "You wanna get high, man?"
    Cheech: "Does Howdy-Doody have wooden balls?"


  6. I haven't had a herbal remedy since I was about 20 but it made me smile :)

    Your words rang very true:

    "To me dieting is all mental - as you can tell in our house. you have to want to do it for it to work. Will it be perfect NO, but that's part of being human. Life is a journey and shit happens so..."


    Way to go on the workout. You are making me think about taking a class. I'm so self conscious though, I'll think on it *smile*.

    Here's to a great day!

  7. Now that's my problem...totally. I'm good all day and the Cheech visits and "up in smoke." BTW Sue you have awesome abs. I don't think you're doing too much Cheechin' and Chongin' but by the sounds of it you work your butt on exercise-wise. Tommy Chong lives very close to me.