Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Was I too Honest???

This actually happened 

Me: Hello, 5262
Randy: Hello Gorgeous
Me: Hello Handsome.  How are you today?
Randy:  We are good how are you?
Randy :  ....................
Me: Well I did and you asked, other wise I'm fine no more worse for the ware ....

Rules to live by:  if ya ask ya never know what your going to get  - Tee Heee

Also:  the lady in the magazine said i  can wear skinny jeans and that I  should own a pair this season, i looked on line at the ones from GAP and unless they come with a shoe horn and a can of spay on PAM i don't think so, me and my Booty  are going to pass.



  1. Hiya Sue! I didn't know that Al's wifey had started a blog. Welcome to bloggy-land! Sounds like you've had a productive couple of days, full of walking and butt-blasting workouts and stuff! In your other post you asked about food journals. Yes I keep a food journal, and I've found it to be very helpful in knowing where I really start screwing up my calories. I mean, it's easy to guess how many calories are in grilled chicken or a salad, but it's that "handful of almonds here" or "cup of coffee there" that will really blow your diet, ya know? Give good journaling a try for a few weeks...if it helps you, great. If it's a pain in the ass, then stop doing it. Never know till ya try, right?

  2. I used a food journal at first until I got really used to making good choices, now I don't bother-it was good to keep my times when I had to eat straight. But if your nutritionist wants it then I guess you gotta write one.
    I love spinning but find I burn better on an elliptical. Plus I don't want my ass hanging in someones face or enlarged in a mirror behind me. Ok so that may be the main reason I stopped spinning...Issues.

    I like skinny jeans, too, but rarely see someone who looks really good in them. I think it is one of those trends made specifically for supermodels-like bandage dresses. This is just my opinion, but I think if your thighs (not yours specifically, just people in general) are larger than your calfs-ie not a stickly skinny gal-I don't think they look too good-they taper too much as opposed to looking long. Unless you wear knee high boots with them. I have the opposite problem, which is equally as ugly in skinny jeans-my calves are super muscular (my husband is always so jealous of them) and are larger than my thighs.
    But honestly, with your booty, you could go for a lower rise skinny jean and that would probably be ok and not accentuate the junk in the trunk. Haha Just my thoughts since I'm not one to be subtle or beat around the bush...

    Polar's Mom

  3. Are you done eating from yesterday yet ??

    Loves my Sue..

  4. Too funny.
    Skinny jeans don't work on 90% of people---bad marketing I think! DO they want to sell jeans or not!? lol...