Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.......

Well the 4:45 am pictures of Day one are up.  Yes that's me in all of my glory before heading out to the gym.  I don't work out with my hair down it's usually up (Al has a picture of that be he's afraid to post it, he Say's I scare him - LOL) . So I got there and waited for the gym to open  at 5:30AM, signed up for the 6AM tomorrow's spin class # 1 on the list, which is usually full (25 bikes) by 5:34AM - teacher is kick ass - best way to burn 400 - 500 calories in 45 min. So I venture in to ask Ed the trainer of one of my favorite pay to play classes when the next session starts, next week, I thanked him and he looked and me at told me to stay for class today - DING DING DING winner.  I would much rather be beat on by Ed  for an hour than run 6 miles, don't know why but I do. This class is another kick ass class.  Its called Functional Training.  Its an hour of total pain, sweat and happiness.  Translated Squats, Jacks, Lunges, bridges, push ups, planks, dead lifts you name it it's there.  it's the same women who take it every time, these women also run with me, spin with me and they work out with ed on their own (no not like that) so we are a group who pushes each other and motivates each other , so class was beyond great....  The goof troop is happy it's not raining today so they can get out for their walks around the neighborhood.  even Elvis went out this morning.  I don't have a number for the scale yet  - I have gotten even with my scale. I let my next door neighbors 2 year old use it as a jumping board and now oops oh well it doesn't work - sooo sorry.  I weigh in on Thursday AM at the gym after my run & kettle bell work out. I will take a picture of the scale.  I have fun weighing my self naked because their always some body in there who doesn't want to look and they get this strange look on their face.  Trust me on the  New york Sports ladies locker room you see all kinds , so i fit right in.
So Question: does any body keep a food log???  do you find it keeps you on track or it's just a pain in the ass???  Every magazine I read tells me to keep a food log, so I am trying ( again) I give them to my Robyn to look at she's a nutritionist and tell me where I went wrong.  She always has three things to say 1) give up the wine 2) stop hanging out with cheech & chong and 3) take a penman ship course she can never read my writing so this time I am going to try to be neater so maybe it will help.  This post has  probably driven my husband crazy by now as it is one giant run on sentence - PSSLLLTTTT my blog my run on sentences.  Just got done with vacation a week back so I have read all of my newest magazines, I have found that skinny jeans are in and so is the BOOTY. wow who ever dreamed that my fat ass would be in style again - woo hooo .  well time to crack the whip here at the office - i am the only girl here and second in command so when the boss is out I am the boss lady .  have a wonderful day and remember a few small changes can be the begining of something great.


  1. Hi Sue,
    Welcome to blogland! I am 11 weeks into my "get fit" phase. Your abs are rockin'! Have you always been fit or did you "get" that way?

    I don't keep an official journal. I keep a post it note on my desk next to my calculator (office job). Most of my meals are similar day to day anyway. I keep a running total throughout the day. At the end of the day I stick the post it to the back of my cell phone in case I forget. The next morning I do write the total calories on my desk calendar. That way if my weight is not budging I can see why.


  2. Fantastic post Sue, love it!

    Thanks for posting the pics, you are one seriously fit lady- your abs rock!

    You and your hubby really motivate me- keep up the good work, and thank you for the motivational words


  3. I fought journaling for years..and am still fat. So this time around I am seriously logging everything. I use Sparkpeople.com because it's free and I would rather spend my money on shoes. ;)

  4. P.S. Giving up wine? Not an option. I'll take another walk around the block before eschewing my precious chardonnay.

  5. Hey, Sue, I am keeping a food journal for the first time this time around. It is really helping me. I never counted calories until a couple of months ago. I had no idea of the calorie count in anything that didn't have a nutrition label. It is a pain, but I have gotten used to keeping it with me and jotting everything down. Plus, it's a great way to look back and see what I was eating when I was losing (or gaining). Mine is the old fashioned little lined notebook and pencil. But it works.

  6. I say do a food journal if it helps. For me, when I find myself struggling getting back to keeping track does help me. You look in great shape to me but then I'm sure keeping on top of things has helped you do that.

    Found my way here today some how and think it's cool you're doing a blog too. I'm not sure what Allan thinks of me lol but I really enjoy reading his blog so will be cool to read yours too.