Monday, September 13, 2010

Feelin the LOVE!!!!

First of all thank you all so much for the kind welcoming words.  I have been behaving my self and kept my food log, and i have 405 calories left after i have finished dinner humm decisions decision on what to have for snack.  tomorrow the gym and the usual 6 mile Tuesday morning run - thank God for my ipod.  I could have done the elliptical when i hurt my toe, but since i couldn't get the shoe on and we're not allowed to wear flip flops on the machines i settled with walking the dogs ALOT.   we have a pool there, I've used it a few times but i had my hair brazilined straightened and the chlorine would kill my major investment - yes i am vain. so i decided to stay out until i could get my shoe one.  its raining here and it's like the doggie speed way, their crazy and the vet said Stanley was fat.  i don't see how, hes large boned, no really he is.  bad TV tonight and the puppies don't like the rain and i didn't get them their chicken treats today (bad mommy) i will get them tomorrow.  i decided the way to feel really thin and good is wear pants that are too big> works every time.  I put on my size 12"s i am really an 8 a 6 when i really am on my game, and poof instant thin. made me feel better about skipping the gym. i know if i keep this up soon the 12's will fit again and i wont feel so thin.  tomormow i promise pictures for day one.  got all my food packed for tomorrow, i bring all well measured and made very tasty breakfast lunch and my snack.i keep everything very very low fat with lots of great taste and lots of fiber. today's snack in the afternoon was an apple with .5 ox of low fat Carmel dipping sauce (40 calories for the serving)total calories for the snack was 120 calories i swear i leered at that snack all afternoon like it was George clooney in a speedo.  and it was good......   as i am sure George in a speedo would be.  tomorrow mornings tasty breakfast is 1/2 cup whole grain Cheerios, 1/2 cup fiber one original cereal half cup mixed fresh berries and 1/2 cup almond milk which is so friggin good and only 40 calories per cup. lunch 1 cup patties tasty beans and 2 cups steamed broccoli with peppers and lots and lots of fresh spinach, some carrots and cerly sticks on the side and a peach too.  now that i have put you to sleep .  feel good and keep up the good fight!!


  1. Hi Sue. So nice to see your blog! I really do enjoy reading your husbands' blog. I had lap band surgery this past May. I look forward to reading your blog too.

  2. Cool hair story -
    Glad to be following your blog!

  3. You sound like your on point with your snacks! Looking forward to the pics!!

  4. Love the pics girl!! Doesn't look like you need to lose though...must just want to maintain and not balloon over the fall/winter months right? Good plan! All of the food you packed sounds super tasty and're doing great! :)