Saturday, September 18, 2010

I did it!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it, was the only one besides the teacher who did all 3 classes - YES I pulled the trifecta.  1104 calories burned in my target zone whoo hooooo ...  my cheeks are a little sore already, but I'm smerkin!!!! haven't eaten all day and we are preparing lots of tasty food.  I will hopefully have some pictures from tonight as some of my really good friends are comming.   hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. have a great afternoon.  I heard this today and it's sooo true "we spend all of  our time worring about our destination, that we never take time to enjoy the journey"  take time to enjoy the journey, run naked in the rain, dance for no reason sing out loud, life is to be lived!!!!



  1. Over 1100 calories! WOWZERS! You are a machine woman!!

    Hope you are having a fantastic evening!

  2. Congrats on your trifecta! That's awesome!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  3. Girl-running naked in the rain? There are too many things in that sentence which makes me uncomfortable. Haha!

    Also, great workout-but I would totally pop some prophylactic ibuprofen now so you can sit on the toilet tomorrow! Have a great holiday!

    Polar's Mom