Monday, September 20, 2010

I Can't believe I ate the Whole Thing........

Happy Monday everyone,  I am sooo happy it's Monday ( i know smack me now) . New Week new out look..  So after the big trifecta on Saturday and the company not leaving until 11:45 pm  and then cleaning up I was beat yesterday.  So spent the day, lounging buying new furniture for the living room ,its arriving on Wednesday and getting rid of the hippie lettuce stash.  Hubby & I have decided once this is gone not to get any more for a while - Thank God.  Now left over from Saturday night I have 5 open bottles of wine and 5 closed bottles of wine.  Can you say PARTY!!!!!  I have to finish up the open ones and I have plenty of friends who would just love to come over and help out.  I ate like crap yesterday, shit I've been eating like crap since the cheech & chong decided to take up residence in my house.  But today bagels are all gone as as the cream cheese and all of the cakes.  Back to healthy food.  I went to the gym this morning did a two mile run and a spin class.  tomorrow Ed's class.  I am not looking forward to my Thursday weigh in but I will give you icky details after my weigh in.  I decided to try the star bucks instant coffee today since I need caffeine and it's not bad.  I'm feeling perky.  Had 2 cups at home (kruieg pods)  and now one here (instant Starbucks) .  Whoo hoo  Good TV tonight new shows start tonight fall is now here. Glee tomorrow night.  Have to make sure all of the household stuff is done before 8PM, House tonight to start off the week.  Have a great day everyone.



  1. So I have to know.... after you eat "crap" are the work outs harder for you? I have not got to that point yet, but my fiance has a birthday next month and I am going to try my best to not eat like the natural born pig that I am.... but we will see.
    HaHa@hippie lettuce!

  2. I love House, too! Can't wait to watch it. I love his snarkyassed personality.

  3. My old ass was not exactly happy about the 2 mile run in the begining and I usually do 2 mile's in under 20 min. This morning was at 21 min for 2 miles, stiull not bad. Spin was easy.
    Hope everyone's work out was good today.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Way to go on all the exercise. Yea, best for me when I don't have leftovers in the house. Too bad I can't send the nephew over he could finish up all the food for you but keep him out of the hippie stash and wine lol.

  5. Sue, I was wondering if you and Allan watch Biggest Loser and if so, who do you favor, Jillian or Bob? You strike me as more Bob, but Allan totally Jillian. Just wondering!
    Yeah for the new week!

  6. Haha-girl don't you know the ganja makes you mangia?

    Did you see Boardwalk Empire premiere last night? Good stuff! Love me some Jane Lynch, too.

    PS-Award for you on my site.

    Polar's Mom

  7. Thank you Sue. Give Allan an extra hug from me. :-)

  8. Hope you are having a good week! Also happy new shows have begun!

  9. What's up girl?? Where have you been? Hope all is well...we need another post! :)