Friday, September 24, 2010

No More!!!!!

FRIDAY FRIDAY !!!!!!!!  this has to have been the longest friggen week in a long time, so long in fact i was actually thinking of banging in sick today, now that's long.  On the bright side our friend Bud has ended his 3 week stay at casa Klein.  I have pretty much given up the diet until he has departed which he now has.  I try to say "NO" but I give in.  I think I use it as excuse to go off my diet.  in fact I am pretty sure that's why.  Haven't hit the gym over the last 2 days due to lack of car.  the VW is now fixed and off i went this morning,  id my 2 mile run then a spin class.  Class was extra tough this morning as Fred the instructor for Wednesday class was sitting right next to me. so that pushed me to push myself.  Note to self, I am moving up next to Val starting on Wednesday.  Val is one of the girls who takes spin with me and when we're next to each other we race each other and push each other.  Tomorrow gym then off to get my hair done.  I am thinking apricot base color with highlights.  I asked the hubby for an honest opinion last night, he said my wife is blond then got the waitress involved by asking her.  Boy was he sorry 15 min later.  She and I got into a whole conversation and hair color, Brazilian keratin treatments and all kind s of other girl stuff.  I love the fall, new TV, love to see where they pick up.  last night Bones tonight channel 7 is repeating the modern family episode I slept thru so I want to see that.  Puppies are being puppies I took them out for a nice long long walk this morning they were happy.  Lola's not happy about sharing her long walk alone with  me with Stanley, but it is easier for me in the AM.  hope every one is having a good week and not stressing too much.  Life is too short to stress.  happy weekend every one thanks for reading



  1. Yep, Hoo RAY for the weekend!

    It is difficult to stick to a diet when there are guests around. They never eat what I need to eat.

  2. Way to go on the run and spin class. I'm sure Lola will get over Stanley being around eventually but then maybe not lol. Hope your hair turns out the way you want. Hope you and Allan have a nice weekend.

  3. lol @ Bud...cute name ;) Dwayne has that same eating problem...DAILY.

  4. I can't tell what your blond is right now-is it ash, or golden highlighted? I think for tanner blonds like you, that in the fall a nice apricot or caramel blond looks good and not to I'm with ya on that one...

    And I been telling you about that friggin moocher Bud for ten damn years now-he eats all your food then disappears!

    Polar's Mom